Creating your Paypal button

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You will need a Paypal merchant account.

Login to your Paypal merchant account and select Tools from the top menu bar. Then select All Tools from the drop-down menu:

Select Paypal Buttons from the next screen:

Next, from the next screen, select Create new button:

You now need to supply information about the item that you are selling.

Select the Buy Now option for the button type. Then fill in the name of your item, its ID, Price and Currency:

When you have finished filling in the items’ details, your form should look something like this:

Next, click on Step 3 and tick the box, Add advanced variables at the bottom of the form. Then in the box add, custom= followed by your Paypal merchant id.

When you have finished, click Create Button to create your button:

Please note that it is important to include your merchant id as a custom variable as described in the above step. We need your merchant ID to identify your payment so that we can email the download link to your customer.

Finally, select the code for your button, copy and paste wherever you want the button to appear.

In the next post, I’ll explain how to include the link to our Paypal Ipn receiver which Paypal requires in order to notify us once the purchase transaction has completed.

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